Welcome to our company! This is factory of filaments and granules situated on the third floor of an industrial hall with views of the city of Poznan. Our company was created with passion for widely understood 3D printing, a love of technology, industrial and art.

Everything we do must be 100% acceptable by us and that product we want to offer to our customers. We produce a large range of the highest quality materials for 3D printing from the best raw materials available in the world. We use German laboratories producing colorants for plastics, these laboratories are the best in Europe. We work with companies in the Netherlands - the leaders in 3D printing. Our products and services are used at more and more companies in Poland. We are proud of our services and materials.

We are proud that we can put the sentence ‘MADE IN POLAND’ on our products. We invite everyone to a fruitful cooperation.



We produce the highest quality filaments made of the best materials available on the market, in any diameter and color. For special request, we are able to emboss any desired type of material, any color from palette of PANTONE, in any quantity. Furthermore, we are able to offer you the right type of spool.



We prepare special versions of various granular materials in all colors from the palette PANTONE for extruders, injection molding machines and 3D printers which print directly from a granulate.

Cartridges DUDE


We produce cartridges for the highest quality 3D pens for young people and adults, schools and artists, modelers and designers. For all people who are looking for creative and interesting solutions for its project.

Prints and prototypes


On the way of realizing the project that fulfills all the assumptions, we often encounter a few more or less successful prototypes. To evaluate the correctness of a prototype we should grab it in hand and physically check that everything is 100% like we planned. Here, help comes from the 3D printing!