INK3.DE - High quality filaments for 3D printing

INK3.DE started his business after joining forces people associated with the construction of 3D printers and the largest polymer processing plants in Europe. The first sale took place at the end of 2014. Continuous work on improving the product caused that we are able to produce materials for 3D printing based on the technology FFF or FDM world-class.

Our knowledge about plastics, additives, admixtures, dyes and extrusion allows us to make a number of fibers in dozens of colors.

An important objective of Polish filaments INK3.DE is to achieve a high level of quality at every stage of our organization. It can refer to the functioning of the organization, relationships with suppliers, customers and the quality of our products. For products that give great importance to the accuracy of diameter and roundness, consistency of materials and colors, storage and packaging.

For the special order we can extrude any desired material available on the market, any desired diameter regardless of the standards in the market 3D printing, from 0.1 mm to 4.0 mm with the margin of error of 0.05 mm. Thanks to the cooperation with highly qualified companies which are preparing for us, in their laboratories in Germany, the highest quality dyes, we can also produce every possible color from the palette PANTONE. We also design whole the packaging for printer manufacturers to further identify the product for its intended purpose. Additionally, we offer various size spools from 0.5 kg to 0.75 kg, 1 kg to 5 kg.

The engineering team, which combines people with passion to create innovative designs with full using of the technology, today is available to creates division PRINTSHOP at INK3.DE where are also conducted beta tests of materials that were produced by us. The experience gained during the implementation of existing projects, including the construction of RepRap printer, and using different types of machines, allows us to approach each new task in professionally, but also a creative way. Thanks to the combination of standard processing methods of 3D printing technology, we can offer structures which stand out from the ready-made solutions its functionality and durability, as well as a full adaptation to customer needs. We design from scratch or print models prepared by the customer. We offer a full package of service.

Meet our team


Bartosz Kusik



Passionate about technology, industry, and electronic music. The owner and originator INK3.DE and many other projects. In the field of 3D printing since 2013. Manufacturing their own materials since 2014. Event shaman. Stickler.

piotr 2

Piotr Sidoruk

Printshop & beta test department


Turbo pro. Leads section 3D printing in INK3.DE in the best possible form. 3D printing has been involved in over 4 years. Perfectionist. 3D printing and design is his passion for life. Beta tester our products.


IMG 5190 1

MikoĊ‚aj Rosada



Serviceman of workshop diagnostic equipment, a lover of mechanics, electronics and the latest technology. A strong supporter of improving the daily work of people and machines, resulting in increased productivity while maintaining expenditures. 


Natalia Stachura

Graphic department


The mother of all graphic design INK3.DE. Sought-after by large corporations decided to focus on the domestic business, which is small but a big part. The visionary loving minimalism.