Order print

We model items of equipment and details corresponding to the personalized customer demand, dedicated both business and individual customers.

We make post processing (tooling / finishing) of 3D prints – we smooth appearance - paint - varnish.

We will create fragment of the skeleton milling machines, as well as a functional gadget which streamline work in home or garden.

We create complete technical documentation of our projects. We have in our machine park 3D printer produced by companies such as: GamgolBot, MakerBot Industries, Ultimaker, XYZ printing.

We will reproduce a tripod for your favorite lamp that was accidentally damaged or any thing which was lost or damaged, and you can not get it in any store (eg. the missing flap of the remote control or the handle of the shower head).

We print in 3D everything that you dream !!! We realize your projects in the technology FDM, as well as projects which are specially prepared in line with your expectations.




constructor, madcap 3D printing

Rapid prototyping


On the way of realizing the project that fulfills all the assumptions, we often encounter a few more or less successful prototypes. To evaluate the correctness of a prototype we should grab it in hand and physically check that everything is 100% like we planned. Here, help comes from the 3D printing! 

Modelling and mock


Both painters hobbyists and professional design agencies often need to expand its collection with additional figures or models. Some of them are doing it for their own satisfaction, others to show off in front of friends and others to expand their offer and entice the customer. 3D printing and its immense possibilities will help these people!

Gadgets & designing


Number of fans of original stuff grows and grows. Ingenious gadgets to the apartment, unique clothing accessories, functional car or workshop handles and many other things from the cavernous book of personalized applications of 3D printing can improve your life and feel better.

Individual orders


The only thing that limits you is your imagination!